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Tag formatting - cannot get to work
19-05-2020, 17:07
Post: #7
RE: Tag formatting - cannot get to work
ok, so I've hit another problem quite quickly.

I'm using the #Audio fields in my App so that I can see the quality of the recordings. I tried to set up a display format to concatenate the #audioformat field to the #audiodata field but getting a red minim error "incorrect tag '#AudioFormat' for option 'displayformat' in property 'tagFormat'.".

I have this in IndexTags : #AudioData:Audio Data, #AudioFormat:Format

and this in tagFormat : #AudioFormat.displayformat={$#audioformat$#audiodata}

I'd like to use these concatenated #audio fields as an Index ideally, so my aim is actually to set up the indexFormat like this but I was trying to just get the display to work first...

thanks, Karen.
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