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Rescan problem on Melco?
17-05-2020, 10:43
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Rescan problem on Melco?
Hi Simon,

have just kicked off the 30d free trial as working with Paul on SongKong made me realise how much extra functionality was available in MS2. Having to learn a lot quickly, so please excuse my lack of knowledge. My first query is about the Rescan option on the Melco OLED which I was advised to run after the SK "Fix Songs" process. I noticed after this, which seemed to take less than a second, that a number of albums/songs were set to "Missing or deleted item" and would not play.

Since using the full license I have been running MS through the Mac interface and using the Rescan option from here. This has been taking much longer, up to 6 or 7 minutes, and the results are much better.

So, I wondered if the Melco-initiated rescan was not actually working properly? I have the Melco N1Z, now upgraded to EX. Firmware 4.01.

thanks, Karen.
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17-05-2020, 11:42 (This post was last modified: 17-05-2020 11:48 by simoncn.)
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RE: Rescan problem on Melco?
Welcome to the MinimServer forum!

Rescanning via the Melco OLED should be exactly the same as rescanning via MinimWatch or via the configuration web page. Please do the following to confirm whether the rescan is happening correctly:

1) Start MinimWatch on your Mac
2) From the minim icon, select 'Show log'
3) In the log window, set the logging level to Verbose
4) Initiate a rescan from the Melco OLED

In the log window, you should see a lot of "Scanning directory" messages. Rescanning via MinimWatch or via the configuration web page should produce the same messages.

Edit: I have noticed that the Melco OLED returns OK very quickly and before the rescan has finished. This explains why the time appeared to be much less when you did the rescan this way. You can check whether the rescan has finished by going to Status on the OLED. When the Music Database line changes to Running, the rescan is complete.
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17-05-2020, 12:08
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RE: Rescan problem on Melco?
aha - yes this all works thanks Simon. Watching the minim stay yellow on the Mac corresponded to all the scanning activity in the log, so the OLED definitely kicked off the process. As you say, it was just the quick return on the Melco that confused me. I also saw the Melco status then revert from "striating" to "running" once the scan completed.

All sorted! But will now start another thread on my next problem... Big Grin
cheers, Karen.
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