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Running Audacity on a Mac
13-05-2020, 12:55
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Running Audacity on a Mac
Mac users will be aware that the latest Mac PC operating system is 64 bit only. I have upgraded and is seems to go fine (you can even use your iPad as an extension work screen).

But I was sorry to find that Audacity does not work. For those who don't know, it runs on most platforms, is free, and is great for editing audio files and recording. I like listening to, and grabbing old comedy broadcasts to listen to at my leisure.

Of course to get Audacity to talk to the Mac input and outputs (Mike and Headphones) one had also to download and install, free, iShowU Audio Capture and switch Mike and Headphones to this. No problem. Worked beautifully.

But Audacity will load under the Catalina operating system, but would not access anything. The problem is to do with permissions and not bits.

So I scratched around and experimented and found a reliable safe fix.

Now some folk reading this will know much more about what is under the bonnet of a Mac than I do, but you don't need to. So to get Audacity working fully on your latest Mac software you do this:

Download and install Audacity latest version. Do not run it yet.
Download and install iShowU Audio Capture latest version
Configure the Mac Sound Preferences to choose iShowU Audio Capture.

Then launch Mac Finder and to Applications
Go to Utilities and run to black screen of Terminal which will take you back to your DOS or Linux days.

Then paste in this command

open /Applications/

Press enter

Then Audacity should open, and ask some access questions, to which you answer yes.

Then Audacity will record anything coming into the computer as digital audio. (At least Youtube and radio).

What Audacity will never do for me on a Mac is to play audio as it is recording. You have to switch back the Mike/Headphone preferences after your recording session on Audacity.

You will always need to launch Audacity via Terminal, although the permissions are remembered.
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