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Mystery directories on Rescan
13-05-2020, 08:07
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Mystery directories on Rescan
Dear folk

I hope this is relevant for this forum, but I am sure someone here will know the answer.

I have a mystery. A couple of days ago I was backing up my flac collection to my spare NAS, QNAP TS112. I was using the Mac Automator routine. Used it scores of times.

The process crashed because it found that the hard disk on the NAS was full.

So I deleted other stuff on my NAS making lots of room. I reran the routine and all went well. All files present and correct and Minim works fine.

But when I come to do a rescan I get log showing all the correct directories for all the CDs, but about halfway through I get scores of directories recorded as:

Scanning directory 0308000000000000ED84880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000003D85880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000006C85880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000001D86880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000001E86880200000000
Scanning directory 0308000000000000AE86880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000001687880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000004687880200000000
Scanning directory 0308000000000000DC87880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000003F88880200000000
Scanning directory 0308000000000000E788880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000003289880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000005689880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000000E02880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000004A02880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000003902880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000002680880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000004C80880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000004E80880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000007C81880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000008181880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000009881880200000000
Scanning directory 0308000000000000AA81880200000000
Scanning directory 0308000000000000B881880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000002882880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000006682880200000000
Scanning directory 0308000000000000F782880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000001283880200000000
Scanning directory 03080000000000004183880200000000

There are seemingly hundreds more.
I have searched for these directories using my Mac Finder on the hard drive, and can find nothing. (In hidden mode too). Neither do they show up on control software in folder mode (like Kazoo, Lumin).

I have deleted the group of files in the Minimserver directory on my Nas, and rerun everything. Still there!

What is going on??

Puzzled of York, Donuk.
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13-05-2020, 12:25
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RE: Mystery directories on Rescan
It sounds like these directories were created by Mac Automator before it crashed. Because they don't contain audio files, they don't show up in MinimServer folder view. It would be a good idea to delete them as they will slightly slow down the MinimServer scan. Can you see them if you open File Station on the QNAP?
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