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Album.displayFormat merges multi-disc albums
16-04-2013, 08:38
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RE: Album.displayFormat merges multi-disc albums
(16-04-2013 08:30)Oliviander Wrote:  
(14-04-2013 17:23)simoncn Wrote:  I think you should use the match filter, because it's provided for exactly this purpose. Smile

If you tag the MP3 album files with a match filter of ['MP3'] and the FLAC album files with a match filter of ['FLAC'], you should get two multidisc albums with the same title and correct merging behaviour.

Hi Simon,
I just read this thread. Until now I had no problems regarding
this topic, but as I am now into ripping my SACDs
I soon may run into this same problem.

I understand what you have described in the thread and in the users manual. But I am not very happy with it.
I am already enough concerned tagging my files in a correct way,
I really don't want to have to think about Folder names with "Matchfilters".
Therefore I really would prefer if you had a property
that would do what the existing property
MergeFolderAlbums=false actually indicates:
!! Preventing Folder Merging in any case!!
I think many (if not most) people have their collections
organized in that way Put everything in one folder
what you what to display as an album.
(and of course have the same album tag)
Plain and simple not concerning about multiple albums
and folder naming.

I think it is very common for a multi-disc album to be ripped with each disc in a different folder. The current approach allows for this.
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