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Album.displayFormat merges multi-disc albums
15-04-2013, 21:10
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RE: Album.displayFormat merges multi-disc albums
(15-04-2013 20:29)bbrip Wrote:  Sorry to be off-topic (maybe), but is it really a good idea to mingle the same album lossless and lossy in the same library??

All my lossy albums used for car, iphone etc are well separated from my main listening library.


The main reasons for having my FLAC tracks doubled are
1) I have renderers that do not support FLAC/WAV playback but do support MP3 (e.g. a Sony TV)
2) I use BubbleUPnP Server to stream over a mobile connection to my phone. For this I use MP3 to save bandwidth.

BubbleUPnP Server would be able to do realtime FLAC->MP3 transcoding even on my weak ARM NAS with a special version of ffmpeg featuring libshine. But as long as I have enough free storage available, I prefer it this way. Until now, I had no problem switching between FLAC and MP3 using folder view and subsequently tag view again. The new special index tag #AudioFormat provides an even better way to do this.
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