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downloading minimstreamer
19-04-2020, 23:26
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downloading minimstreamer
Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't find a link to download minimstreamer. I have minimserver downloaded - but the streamer is not on the download page; and the streamer link advises we download through the server page. which cycles back to downloads.

I'd appreciate a link to be able to download minim streamer.

By the way: I use Jriver Media Center for the sound - i don't like their search engine- can minimserver do the search and let me listen to the music in Jriver?

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20-04-2020, 09:27
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RE: downloading minimstreamer
The instructions for installing MinimStreamer are on this page.

Unfortunately it is not possible to use JRiver as a pure UPnP renderer. JRiver can be used as a pure UPnP server but its player capability only works with a JRiver library, not a UPnP library. You can import a MinimServer UPnP library into a JRiver library but you lose the benefits of MinimServer intelligent browsing.
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