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[Tutorial] How to generate 'Recently added' tags and playlists
03-05-2020, 13:54
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RE: [Tutorial] How to generate 'Recently added' tags and playlists
Ouch! but you are not alone in your assessment, judging by the lack of interest.

Clearly, there is more than a hint of 're-inventing the wheel' with this program. It does nothing unique.
Undoubtedly, there are many control points, music servers, music renderers and audio file taggers that do similar features better.
Dedicated music enthusiasts will have tagged their audio files accordingly.

But, for the remaining small percentage of music listeners who do not have access to the relevant software/app, nor the inclination to tag their music library retrospectively, this program might have been useful.
At least, as a proof of concept that the feature is of benefit and without the risk of altering audio files.

Perhaps the opening post did not clearly describe the features provided. So, I'll attempt to remove the wheat from the chaff.

1) the default feature is to generate a Creation Date tag for each audio file in a Music library, with a value obtained from the audio files' creation date. This is a 'virtual' tag only recognised by MinimServer and any control point app that communicates with MinimServer.

2) optionally, a date range feature can be enabled. This date range can be absolute or dynamic and there can be multiple ranges. Again, this uses each audio files' creation date and compares it against the date range(s). Any match will generate a Period Detail tag with a label value. This is also a 'virtual' tag.
If this tag was used as an Index tag you could have a selection list similar to the following:-

Top Index         Period Detail Index         Album List
---------         -------------------         ----------
Period Detail     Last week
                  Last month
                  01/01/2020 to 30/03/2020
                  Last 6 months

3) optionally, similar to 2) except that a playlist(s) is/are created to contain details of each matched audio file. The playlist is a regular .m3u playlist.
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