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[Tutorial] How to generate 'Recently added' tags and playlists
28-04-2020, 20:18 (This post was last modified: 24-01-2021 15:28 by Alandbush.)
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Music [Tutorial] How to generate 'Recently added' tags and playlists
(Recently Added Program) for Windows

A recurring feature request for MinimServer has been the introduction of a ‘Recently added’ option.
Whilst this is on the development roadmap, a short term solution might be useful.

RAP will allow you to browse your music library by the date an album was created. You can choose to browse by periods of days, weeks, months, quarters and years as well as by specific date ranges.
RAP achieves this by reading your music library audio files.*1 The associated file creation dates together with RAP configuration data determines the periods to be browsed which are written to a file.
This file is read by MinimServer to create virtual tags and these are used in the MinimServer property ‘indexTags’.
RAP can also create playlist files covering the same browse periods.

*1) Do not worry, as the audio files are only scanned. Audio files are not amended.

It has been tested as follows:
  • Windows 7 32 bit
  • Window 10 pro 64 bit
  • Internal drives
  • Synology NAS (nb – if password protected, external folders must first be accessed manually before executing the code)
  • Music directory containing 350 albums, 4000+ tracks
  • Audio formats wav, flac, aiff, dsf, mp3
  • MinimServer 0.8.x

Needless to say, I accept no responsibility for any harm that may befall your hardware etc. etc. should you wish to try this software. Angel

The source is readily available and open to scrutiny.

Still interested?
A small (7.5mb) zipped distribution file is available via the link at the bottom of this post. It contains several folders. They contain the program, a user guide, example configuration files and an executable batch file.
There are no other requirements.

Once unzipped, to any folder, and after amending the configuration files as appropriate, the program can be run.

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