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FFMPEG version vs audio quality
11-02-2020, 14:14 (This post was last modified: 11-02-2020 17:01 by simoncn.)
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RE: FFMPEG version vs audio quality
It is better to use the armhf version for an Armada 385 as this will perform floating-point calculations more efficiently.

The simplest way to find the correct version is to look at this section. If the processor of your NAS is listed as ARMv7, you should use the armhf version of FFmpeg. For ARMv5 processors, you should use armel. For ARMv8 processors, you should use arm64. For Intel processors, you should use normally use amd64. If this doesn't work, use i686.

EDIT: The armhf version doesn't work on an Armada 385. This armhf build has used a compiler that generates Thumb-2 instructions, which aren't available on the Armada 385. It would work on some ARMv7 devices but not this one. To avoid running into this, the safest approach is to use the armel version on all Synology ARMv7 devices.
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