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FFMPEG version vs audio quality
10-02-2020, 12:16
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RE: FFMPEG version vs audio quality
I have tried v4.2.1 and yes it does improve sound quality. It's not night and day but there is a difference and worth the upgrade.

I would describe it as a more transparent and therefore you are hearing more detail which is turn seems to provide more bass, but I think that is more the extra detail and texture of the bass coming through. Background sounds seem to be easier to hear. It is more "relaxed", rather than "softer". Great tip, thanks.

I have found that by converting all files to wav24:96 it gives a better sound, more darkness to the sound. I have found this on multiple DACS not just one so I recommend giving it a go.

I have now cleaned up my transcoding as there were some old settings in there which were from experimenting in the past. Here is now what it looks like.


Finally I too have found that AAC does not work, get the following error: Converter program ended unexpectedly with exit value 1
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