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FFMPEG version vs audio quality
09-02-2020, 15:44
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RE: FFMPEG version vs audio quality
Hi, Transcoding works (with ffmpeg v4.2.1) with FLAC, ALAC and MP3.
This is my transcode options: flac:wav24;, alac:wav24;, mp3:wav24;

It doesn't work with AAC and MP4.

for AAC I tried : aac:wav24 (without the comma) and according to MinimStreamer documentation it should use own MinimStreamer transcoder but it gives me the same error message.

Give it a try and I'm looking forward to know what you think of the sound difference (if any).

Your are transcoding everything to 96 khz, is it because of your setup? Any benefits doing that? Also, I see that you are isolating 16 bits "flac(16):wav24;96" from 24 bits "flac:wav24;96", why do this?

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