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Win10 bridge Network
18-12-2019, 15:59 (This post was last modified: 18-12-2019 16:05 by lafuente.)
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Win10 bridge Network
I come here, not to get the solution (if there is one), but to discuss about things that happen in my setup and maybe to solve problems.

My setup is simple :
- One server (own build) (2 NICs)
- One LAN with a single switch (no audio => D-link)
- One streamer (SOtM SMS-200)

My ideal setup will be to use the NAS as a hub (bridged network at Layer2) to isolate the SOtM SMS-200 from the network.

First, late me state that this setup operate flawlessly under linux : with Linux, NAS network NICs are bridged, one NIC goes to the LAN (switch), the other NIC goes to the streamer (SOtM). MinimServer, and any other Audio server like roon, are installed on the NAS and everything operate well. BubbleUPNP see both server and streamer and sound is good.

The problem come if I want to use Windows 10 (or 2016/2019 server). With such OS, there are problem when I establish the bridge connexion.

  1. If I use Microsoft OS's without bridge (NAS connected to the LAN switch with only one NIC and SOtM connected to the LAN switch too), everything is OK
  2. As soon as I establish bridge, and connect SOtM to the second NIC of the NAS, problems happen :
    1. I can stream music from the NAS (win10) to SOtM, but there are big gaps (blank), like if the network packets have hard to find the SOtM
    2. in this same setup, if I use another MinimServer located elsewhere on my network (another NAS), it's OK. The music play without any gap.

It's not a MinimServer problem since other software like Audirvana or Roon act exactly the same. This is why I don't claim for a solution.

But any thought can save me from headaches... I really don't understand what happen and what I can do to *try* to solve the problem.

To summarize : if the software that stream sound to the SOtM is located on the Audio NAS in bridged mode, it don't operate well. If the software is located on another computer, it's OK.

Many thanks,
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