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Newest additions and multi-artists
23-11-2019, 13:03
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Newest additions and multi-artists
I'm new to this forum so please forgive me if those questions were asked / solved already in the past.

1.- I'm looking for a way to browse my collection based on newest additions. I was thinking about using the field "Comments" but I'm not sure whether it's a good idea
2.- I still don't understand how to manage multi-artists records. Let's take for example "No Mercy In This Land" by Ben Harper and Charlie Musslewhile. I tagged it using MP3Tag with the same value "Ben Harper; Charlie Musselwhite" for Artist, Album Artist and Composer. Regardless, it still appears under "Ben Harper; Charlie Musselwhite" when browsing with BubbleUPnP or with Foobar2000. I'd like this record to appear under either of those artists, not both of them grouped.

Many thanks.
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23-11-2019, 13:19
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RE: Newest additions and multi-artists
Hi, David. There is no built-in way currently to browse based on newest additions. It would be possible to use a field or create a field to do this manually, I would think. Perhaps a "Date added" field that you could browse or sort backwards.

For multi-artist, a limitation is that you can't have more than one Album Artist tag, but that doesn't apply to the Artist and Composer tags. I make sure my tags in mp3s are version ID3v2.4 and that allows me to have multiple fields for the same tag. For instance, if a given track has two composers, I list each composer in a separate field, each tagged "Composer." In MP3Tag you can do this by separating the composers with a "\\". For example, "John Lennon\\Paul McCartney". If you then view the "Extended Tags" in MP3Tag you'll see that Composer is listed twice, each with a different value. Then that track or album will show up under both composers when I browse.

Hope this helps.
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