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Wow! Raspberry Pi could be your minimserver host.
13-11-2019, 13:36
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Wow! Raspberry Pi could be your minimserver host.
I recently posted how I used a Raspberry Pi to overcome internet radio streaming issues with minimstreamer. This led me to wondering if it could also host my music collection. In the past the drawback has been limited storage without special arrangements to provide sata interfaces with sufficient capacity.
But technology has moved on and I have been able to transfer all my files to an M.2 nvme card (Intel SSD6) mounted in a USB 3.1 interface (Sabrent). This provides 1TByte of storage and can be written at a real world average speed of 100 Mbytes/sec using a suitable computer with 3.1 USB ports. Although the Pi 3 only has USB 2.0 sockets the read speed is more than enough for streaming rates which are typically not much more than 1MByte/sec. The only issue was mounting the NTFS formatted device on the Pi but there is plenty of documentation to help with this.
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