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List sort order
24-06-2019, 17:56
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List sort order
Hi everybody,

my index contains the <n> albums list and one Artist list. <n> albums is sorted by default (alphabetical - Album title). This is ok.

Artist list has all artist in alphabetical order and subsequently for each artist the Album(s) as subfolders.
I would like to sort the albums by *date* and not in alphabetical order. But as soon as I achieve this, the <n> albums list looses the alphabetical sort order.

Here my settings:

indexTags: Artist, Genre, Rating, Live=1, Compilation=1, #audiodata

itemTags: artistsort, albumartist, date, discnumber, tracknumber, title

tagOptions: artist.ignore.*={The}, Album.sortTags={Date}

tagValue: DiscSubtitle.default={DiscNumber}, Artist.value.index.sort={artistsort}

How to change my settings?


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24-06-2019, 22:15
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RE: List sort order
Lists of albums are always sorted in the same way wherever an album list appears. If you customize the sort order using Album.sortTags, the custom sort order is applied to all album lists.
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