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Anamoly loading album cover art in Marantz NR1506
09-04-2019, 09:33
Post: #11
RE: Anamoly loading album cover art in Marantz NR1506
Thanks for this update. This reply from Marantz has prompted me to look again at your original post. In this, I see "When I select an album to play using the Marantz interface ..."

Does the problem occur only when playing an album and not when browsing the tracks of an album (for example, if you select the MinimServer "n items" menu choice)?

If the problem only occurs for the file that is currently being streamed to the player, it is likely that the player is reading the streamed FLAC file to load the embedded artwork image instead of using the artwork image that MinimServer has sent using the UPnP protocol.

If this is the case, the problem is caused by a bug in the Marantz player firmware and there is nothing that MinimServer or any other UPnP server could do to prevent it.
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