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Intelligent browsing: inconsistent behavior?
05-04-2019, 18:50 (This post was last modified: 05-04-2019 18:50 by bubbleguuum.)
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RE: Intelligent browsing: inconsistent behavior?
(05-04-2019 10:33)simoncn Wrote:  There are two optimization steps happening here. The first optimization is for MinimServer to display the list of tag values (Work tags in this case) without analysing all the files that match these tag values, which would take a long time. The second optimization is for MinimServer to show the list of tracks immediately when all tracks that match a tag value (Work in this case) are part of a simple album, instead of showing 1 album, 3 tracks. Both these optimization steps apply to browsing by other tag values as well as by Work.

Without the first optimization, browsing by any tag that has a large number of values would be much slower. An important feature of MinimServer is its speed when browsing a large library. Making this step slower in all cases would not be acceptable to most users.

Without the second optimization, every browsing selection that matches multiple tracks in a single album would require an extra browsing step to view these tracks. Requiring this extra step in all such cases would be a problem for many users.

MinimServer has been designed to handle this situation for tracks that are part of a single work by supporting work grouping using the Group tag. This provides the extra container that is needed to make this scenario work smoothly with BubbleUPnP. I don't think there is any other solution that doesn't have unacceptable adverse effects for other scenarios and other users.


Now I understand what you mean by no "Play/Enqueue" buttons.

First screenshot would have a Play and Enqueue button if it the ">>> Complete album" container was not here (if it was just a list of tracks). Reason is that it is a rare scenario (usually, containers contain either only tracks or only containers), where it is unclear if a play/enqueue button would also recursively process the ">>> Complete album" container. Since this is a generic container, BubbleUPnP has no idea of how deep the hierarchy is. A solution would be to only process displayed tracks but you can bet that at least some user would find it illogical because "reasons". Maybe I'll add these buttons though for that case (generic folder containing mixed items + containers).
Other solution would be for MinimServer to set albumArtist on the container, but from what I understand this is not easily doable.
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