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Intelligent browsing: inconsistent behavior?
05-04-2019, 06:42
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RE: Intelligent browsing: inconsistent behavior?
(04-04-2019 22:22)simoncn Wrote:  In the Britten case, albumArtist is present on the tracks but not on the Work container. In the Schubert case, albumArtist is present on the tracks and also on the partial album container.
Which is odd because the two cases are perfectly equivalent from a logical point of view. The only difference is that, in the Britten case, one partial album matches the search whereas two partial albums do match the search in the Schubert case. This difference should not have any consequence on the attributes that are present or absent on the two containers. Either albumArtist should be present on both containers or it should be absent on both containers.

What seems to be missing here is the introduction of an attribute (albumArtist) on a container that is known to enjoy that attribute by but is missing it because of an optimization step. The optimization consists of not presenting to the user a page that would otherwise merely display 1 Album, 3 Tracks, etc. The optimization is good but it should be perfectly transparent to the user. In particular, it should not prevent albumArtist (and, perhaps, other relevant attributes) to be present on the container of the Britten tracks, it seems to me!
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