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Intelligent browsing: inconsistent behavior?
03-04-2019, 22:47
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RE: Intelligent browsing: inconsistent behavior?
(03-04-2019 12:53)nbpf Wrote:  But Linn Kazoo does offer "Play now", "Play later" and "More" options both for the Britten tracks and for the Schubert tracks while BubbleUPnP does so for the Schubert tracks but not for the Britten tracks!

Thus, no matter what they do, Linn Kazoo displays the leafs of a search tree consistently whereas BubbleUPnP displays logically equivalent results in different ways.

I do not think that blacklisting MinimServer would be a good solution. This would fix the consistency problem but one would be missing the standard controls ("Play now", "Play later" and "More") for sets of tracks that are legitimate results of a search query! Why shouldn't one be able to just play (enqueue, etc.) these tracks in much the same way as one is able to play (enqueue, etc.) a whole album?

From a user's perspective, there should not be first-class and second-class outcomes of a search query. The way a leaf is reached on the search tree should not have any impact on the way that leaf is displayed, in my view.

I agree that this solution would be preferable to "blacklisting" MinimServer.
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