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Intelligent browsing: inconsistent behavior?
03-04-2019, 12:28
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RE: Intelligent browsing: inconsistent behavior?
(03-04-2019 11:30)simoncn Wrote:  See my previous post. When this container is sent to the control point, MinimServer doesn't know it represents the contents of a single album. This is only known when MinimServer loads its contents after the user has selected it.
The only difference between the Britten and the Schubert case is that in the first case there is exactly one album whose content partially matches the search whereas in the second case there are two.

Why does the container sent to the control point know that it represents the contents of a single album in the Schubert case but not in the Britten case? From a logical point of view the two cases are perfectly equivalent and should have equivalent representations, in my view. This is also the case with Linn Kazoo (Schubert-like output) and mconnect (Britten-like output) but with BubbleUPnP the two cases are represented in a different way.

From a user's perspective, the expected behavior is that of Linn Kazoo and it would be nice if this behavior could be taken as a specification for the way a control point shall display a subset of tracks that 1) match a search and 2) belong to the same album.
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