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Webradio playlist - display of alternative streams
24-03-2019, 10:27
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Webradio playlist - display of alternative streams

I'm setting up some playlists for listening to web radio / internet radio via playlists hosted by MinimServer. One of my playlists, which is working flawless, looks like this:

#EXTINF:-1,80s Hits

#EXTINF:-1,80s Hits

  • The http addresses are taken from the web site of 80s Hits
  • The first http line points to the 128kbps MP3 stream
  • The second http address points to 64kbps MP3 stream
  • Additionally I have a jpeg file named "80s Hits" stored besides the m3u playlist; this picture is displayed correctly

My renderer displays now two lines "80s Hits" if I select the the "80s Hits" playlist.

I know that the renderer jumps to the next stream in the playlist file if the actually chosen one doesn't play.
The question is if it is possible to hide the second entry in the playlist somehow to the user; then the player could jump to the next available stream in the playlist but the user is not confronted with double entries. Is this possible?
Currently, but I'm open to new ideas, I do not want to rename the second, low quality radio station "80s Hits" to something else as then the picture is no displayed anymore.

Is there a solution or best practice? Did I miss something?

Kind regards
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24-03-2019, 22:33
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RE: Webradio playlist - display of alternative streams
If the second stream is visible to the player, it will also be visible to the user.

If you want to change the name of the second stream, you could add a second .jpg file matching the name of the renamed stream.

It is possible for the radio station to support what you want by hosting a .m3u file with multiple stream entries. In this case, your local playlist .m3u file would have one entry and this entry would point to the radio station's .m3u file which would contain two entries, one for each of the two streams. You could contact the radio station and ask if they are willing to host a .m3u file that does this.
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