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Updating my Slax server
28-12-2018, 10:47
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Updating my Slax server
My Minimserver host and general NAS server has been up and running for nearly four years without any changes or updates so I thought it was time to bring the OS up to date. The hardware is a fanless motherboard with AMD APU (Asrock QT5000-ITXPH ) and data is held on a mirrored pair of 3TB drives running the ZFS file system. The Slax OS is based on Debian Linux and is entirely installed on a small USB stick ( 4GB is enough if you can still find one). This has the advantage that its easy to copy or back-up to an image or another stick and the SATA sockets are free to connect the data disks. Idle power consumption of this system without a display is less than 20 watts and in use about 35 watts.
The essential point is that the minimserver and minimstreamer installation on Slax 9.6.5 was faultless thanks to the instruction on the forum. The apt-get command correctly installed both java and ffmpeg and these were correctly found by minimserver scripts with no further editing or intervention needed.
Other NAS requirements such as SMB and network configuration were not quite so simple so if anyone would like more details please let me know.
Finally a big thank you to Simon for providing such as great piece of software.
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