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UPnP unstable ?
20-05-2018, 01:11
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UPnP unstable ?
Hi all

sometimes (I could say too often), one of my control point (Lumin) suddenly does not see minimserver, sometimes does not see the renderer (Sneaky in this case, but also more frequently with ChromeCast Music).

What is weird is that at the same time, Lumin on another device does see the netword player and the renderer. Or one other control point (Kazoo) sees minimserver and the sneaky, while the other don't. Sometimes the reverse.

It is not a network problem, because both are on the same wifi network.

Sometimes, I need to wait a few moment (1-2 minutes) and suddenly the Lumin app sees again everything. Sometimes, I need to reboot my iPad, and all is perfect.

This happened with different routers, and seems to be, IMHO, an issue of UPnP unstability ?

Thx for any hint

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