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Help for architecting a MinimServer solution on MacOS
16-03-2018, 15:24 (This post was last modified: 16-03-2018 15:29 by DavidHB.)
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RE: Help for architecting a MinimServer solution on MacOS
It is possible to run server, renderer and control point software all on the same computer; I have done it. In those circumstances, the 'networking' was all internal within the computer and not visible to me, but (apart from one problem, which I shall describe), it all worked perfectly 'out of the box'. I was using a Windows 10 computer, but I know of no reason why the same concept could not be implemented on a Mac.

The computer in question was already running MinimServer with a local music library. I had also installed on it the two Linn Control points, Kinsky and Kazoo, which I use occasionally to control my main streaming setup in another room. I then also installed the OpenHome Player, which, like Kinsky and Kazoo is available for the Mac. The player is a background application which effectively turns the computer into a renderer that plays into the computer's own audio or into an attached device such as a USB DAC. For this system, I used an Audioquest Dragonfly DAC driving my headphones.

With the software installed, and both MinimServer and the OpenHome player running in the background, I opened Kinsky, used its normal features to select the server instance on the computer (as I had other server instances running on the network), and then had it find the 'room' (i.e the Player) which by default will have the same name as the computer. Kinsky will find players using the UPnP or OpenHome protocols; Kazoo is OpenHome only. This is not a problem in the present instance.

The issue with Kazoo is that it is now a store app., and the Windows Store version has a security 'feature' that prevents it from seeing a 'room'/player running on the same device. I don't know whether there is a similar issue with the Mac, though there has been no mention of such a problem on the Linn forum. If you can use Kazoo rather than Kinsky, I would do so in this case; Kazoo is the more modern app, and I find that its method of switching between players and servers is easier than the one in Kinsky. Incidentally, the Linn Konfig application (used primarily to set up and change settings on Linn streaming devices) does see the OpenHome player, and can be used to change its settings.

I am not for one moment suggesting that this approach is the only, or even the best, way of doing things, but it has worked for me, and I may be able to offer advice if you want to try it.


P.S. I have now seen timster's post. We seem to be pretty much of a mind on this, as we are on many things.
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