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Help for architecting a MinimServer solution on MacOS
16-03-2018, 13:32 (This post was last modified: 16-03-2018 14:45 by eschreye.)
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Question Help for architecting a MinimServer solution on MacOS
Good Morning,

My new project is to implement MinimServer on Macintosh and stream music thru its USB + external DAC device to a HiFi amp.

Both Control Point / Renderer should preferably run on the Macintosh on which will be stored the music and on which will run MinimServer. I have iPad / iPhone, hence the Control Point can also run on IOS. My music collection is about 1.5 terabyte (growing) and it is composed of 16bit & hires 24bit WAV, FLAC, AIFF plus also some mp3.

Obviously I do not want to downgrade streaming (to 16bit or mp3) and I want to avoid processing my music files into new libraries / formats. My music collection has been painstakingly tagged for my needs. In particular, I use extensively Composer, multiple Artists, Conductor, Orchestra and Composition metadata (IDv3v2.4 and Vorbis) for selecting music and these browsing capabilities must be available on the new Macintosh implementation.

Currently the music is very satisfactorily managed by a MinimServer on NAS Synology configuration networked with a Cambridge Audio 851N streamer. I did implement the MinimServer on NAS Synology + Cambridge Audio 851N streamer without much problems but I have no experience for implementing on MacOS. Bear with me, I’m no IT geek.

The idea is to just copy the music files currently stored on the NAS (master), put the Macintosh in another place (not on the same network) and obtain a browsing and listening experience similar to the NAS + network streamer experience. I have been through some experimenting copying my music collection on iTunes and was not convinced. Clearly, I would prefer to stay away from solutions à la iTunes, foobar, MediaMonkey, JRiver Media Center which require (my understanding) processing of metadata into new libraries. The NAS should remain the master and the plan is to copy - without processing / transforming (meta)data - on a twice a year basis the music to the Macintosh. That is, if I manage to architect and make work MinimServer on a Macintosh + USB DAC configuration… I have identified a nice USB DAC - ifi micro iDSD - but before splashing out the money i need to know if this will fly.

Can this be implemented? If yes, I need, and herewith solicit, advice on how to architect, in particular:

- Which Control Point / Renderer software should I use?
- What network arrangements must I make?

All advice and help is very welcome!

Thanks in advance
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