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Recommended IOS Control Point?
29-07-2018, 12:23
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RE: Recommended IOS Control Point?
(13-06-2018 22:57)Peter@57m Wrote:  In LUMIN, if you go to the “folder” item you see all the views you have set up in MinimServer. One of these is Folder so you can get to the actual folder structure if you want.

These MinimServer views are not cache’d like the native Lumin views.

I had a funny instance of this. I have now a dsd compatible renderer (klimax katalyst), so I took off the famous dsf:wav24;176

When I browse through the Folder path of Lumin app, the file is sent as a dsd file. But for any other browsing, like most recent one, or by album etc. the app was still telling minimserver to transpose, and the app showed wav24 at 176 . It is not a visual bug of the app, because minimserver is really transposing (I was watching the CPU)
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