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best practice for classical music
05-02-2020, 21:21
Post: #17
RE: best practice for classical music
(05-02-2020 18:25)JPO2005 Wrote:  Do you still want to show your settings in Minim?

here are my settings

I have a mix of ALAC, FLAC and DSF files and with this configuration I can "surf" my library in any direction I like

.... Minimserver is a wonderful software ....

aliasTags ContentGroup:Grouping

contentDir /media/xxxxxxxx/LaCieMusica/Audio
displayName MinimServer[zzzzzzzzz]
indexTags Period, Genre, Style, Composer, Grouping:Works, Conductor, Orchestra, Soloists, Instrument, AlbumArtist:Album Artist, All Artists, Decade, Date:Rec Year, Comment, #AudioFormat:Audio Format, #AudioQuality:Audio Quality
itemTags Artist, ARTISTS, #AudioDuration, tracknumber, tracktotal
listViewAlbums 1
mergeFolderAlbums false
tagOptions Album.sortTags={AlbumArtist, Album}, Decade.decade.index, Date.yearOnly.*
tagValue Artist.merge={AlbumArtist, ARTISTS, Soloists, Conductor, Orchestra}, Decade.default={Date}

delayStart 15

showExtras true
startupScan true
tagCustom all.display.multiTag, Composer.displayRole={artist}
tagFormat Album.displayFormat={$album^$#AudioQuality^ [^]}
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