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best practice for classical music
23-09-2018, 16:14
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RE: best practice for classical music
(27-02-2018 18:13)haggis999 Wrote:  
(27-02-2018 17:15)antonmb Wrote:  I understand the use of Work, although I don’t apply it often (frankly too much effort for me to bother applying retroactively to 1000 albums), but frankly with Kazoo on an iPad I don’t have a problem seeing the track title. I also don’t play just a work, I tend to,select an album for play. YMMV

I suspect everyone handles the tagging of classical music in their own way. If it works for you then that is all that matters Smile

In my own case, I really value the ability to list all works by a given composer, filtered where required by a variety of Sub-Genres (my top-level Genre setting is 'Classical' for all classical CDs). The Work tag also makes it easy to highlight multiple recordings of the same piece.

On average, it takes me around 12 mins to comprehensively tag a classical CD. Five years ago, I tagged about 700 CDs in two concentrated periods several months apart. Such a task is easier if you no longer have a full-time job and your children have left the nest!

Could you please share your Minimserver properties?
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