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best practice for classical music
27-02-2018, 17:15
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RE: best practice for classical music
(27-02-2018 14:34)haggis999 Wrote:  
(12-02-2018 08:31)antonmb Wrote:  I may not be the best reference, but here's what I do.


* Track title: show the work and the movement, delete any unnecessary repetition of album or soloists, etc.

Repeating the work name at the start of every classical track title is not very practical for control points with limited display space. In many cases, there will only be room for the work name and thus all tracks will appear to have the same title!

Even when adequate space is available to display a lengthy track title, I would find it irritating to see so much duplication for a work with many tracks. My solution is to have a tag called Work and limit the track title to the information unique to that track. This makes for a much neater display on the control point. I also find that it makes it far easier for me to browse my collection. To be honest, I've never quite understood how some people manage to do without a Work tag for classical music.

Note that if you rip your CDs using a recent version of dBpoweramp CD Ripper and select a Genre of Classical or Opera, then it will display a text box for the entry of a Work title.

I understand the use of Work, although I don’t apply it often (frankly too much effort for me to bother applying retroactively to 1000 albums), but frankly with Kazoo on an iPad I don’t have a problem seeing the track title. I also don’t play just a work, I tend to,select an album for play. YMMV
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