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Minim always scans music database
02-09-2013, 11:02
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RE: Minim always scans music database
Simon, thanks for that answer & considering my suggestion - that indeed is good news! May I add two suggestions / observations?

- is it possible to display "newly added albums"? Usually, I'm listening more often to those albums, that I just added, so it would be convenient to access them directly ;-) Is that possible with the current version with a special entry in the config, or would that have to be implemented?

- Using Songbook, whenever I have restarted MininServer (either restart or reboot of the server), I am having problems with the discovery. Most of the times, Songbook will not display MinimServer in the uPnP-server list (MinimServer is already up and running!), when I fire up Songbook. I will have to use the function "clear and search" to completely clear the list of uPnP-devices, then I will be able to access MinimServer. Sometimes (I assume, it is when just reboting MinimServer) MinimServer is still in the list, but I cannot access it anymore.
Also, sometimes MinimServer will be displayed as "UpNp-server" (I can see its IP, so it is MinimServer), then I cannot access/browse it. After a few "clear and scan"-s, it finally will we found as MinimServer (that's the name I gave it in the config), and then I can access/browse it.
Any idea, what that could be? The IP is fixed, btw....

Thanks again for your continuing support!
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