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Minim always scans music database
30-08-2013, 23:50
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RE: Minim always scans music database
@simoncn - is there any way to introduce an option to NOT scan at the start?
Reason for this: imagine, that I do not have my server running 24/7, and right now, starting and checking of the database takes about 10 minutes at each start. Not a nice thing, if you want to listen to music right away.
But no critizism without suggesting a solution (without bloating MinimServer's code with some sort of "autowatch" feature...):
What about an option in the configuration "do not scan on startup" for all those, who know, that they are not changing their collection all too often. So MinimServer could start up right away, and in case you DID add music, you start the rescan manually from your control-point (aka Plugplayer, Songbook etc.). In the list of albums/artists etc., there is a button at the bottom, right below "[folder view]", that says "rescan". If you hit it, you start a rescan.
Asset uPnP had this feature in the beginning, before they developed an autoscan feature, so I think, it might be a possible way to enhance MinimServer's useability - what do you think?
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