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Minim always scans music database
06-01-2013, 00:17
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RE: Minim always scans music database
(05-01-2013 17:28)simoncn Wrote:  
(05-01-2013 14:52)George47 Wrote:  I did as you said and it scanned all the directories and not files. It times at 0.6 secs a directory which for about 1200 directories is about 12 mins which with a bit of 'work' amounts to 15 mins. Is that normal? I have attached the zipped file if that helps? It looks as though there are some corrupt files.

Thanks for the quick reply and for posting this log.

I've looked through the log and there are very few error and warning messages. These would have minimal impact on performance. The messages are:

Error: incorrect FLAC header 0x00000000 at offset 0 in file xxxxxx (length nnnnn)

The file is probably corrupt. Do you see it when using other music servers? Are you able to play it?

Warning: conflicting ALBUM ARTIST values ignored for album aaaaaa
first conflicting value: xxxx
first conflicting item: nnnn
second conflicting value: yyyy
second conflicting item: tttt

You've got different tracks in the same album with different values for ALBUM ARTIST. It looks like these values aren't actually album artists.

Regarding the slow performance, I'm surprised that it takes as long as 0.6 seconds per directory. What kind of NAS are you using for your music library, and what kind of computer are you using to run MinimServer?

If you're able to run MinimServer directly on your NAS, this will greatly improve the scanning speed. This would depend on what kind of NAS you have.

OK I can check the individual files. I am using a Readnas NV+ which may not be supported. I am currently using Twonky on the server and it is fast but does some daft things,
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