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UPnPlay appears compatible (Android)
30-12-2012, 22:26
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UPnPlay appears compatible (Android)
Not a support request, but information possibly useful to some.

I have been using the control point "UPnPlay" on an Android phone. This seems quite compatible with MinimServer. I did have to change upnpComposer to "author" in Minim.

The advantage of this control point over others I have tried is that it combines:
  • Easy editing of playlists
  • Good display of extended information on tracks
  • By default, displays Composer on playing track
  • Word-wrapping (NOT truncation) of long track names

The last item is a particular relief compared, e.g., to Kinsky, which for a Haydn keyboard set displays 152+ tracks named "Piano Sonata in x major, H.", cleverly omitting the identifying numbers at the end. Doh!

As an aside, it is a pity that manufacturers won't just get ONE or TWO people interested in Classical music to work with their design teams. It would save us all much time and irritation.

Simon, THANK YOU for filling this void!

Portland, Oregon, USA
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