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Album art recommendations
02-05-2017, 19:14
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RE: Album art recommendations
Here is what I have done :

all elements of my tree structure have a Folder.jpg. My tree structure is made of first level (Test, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, XXth Century, Opera, Jazz, Pop-Rock-Folk, World music, Musique fran├žaise, Movie), then second level, third level if necessary etc. As an example, Classical has Composers as first sub level. Jazz have artists. Renaissance & World Music are much more complex...

So I found images which are representative of what is classical, baroque, etc. Then for each composer, I found an image of the composer. Same for Jazz artists.

Using Lumin app, I found that for the folder pictures, 300x300 is enough. No more than 500x500 anyway, as you don't make them full screen.

Then it comes the album level. If I were courageous, I would rip off all embeded image, for sake of place and simplicity. I have a Cover.jpg file in each Album directory (distinction between Folder and Cover :-)

What I found is that the minimum size should be 600x600. Below 500x500 it becomes ugly when you enlarge it on Lumin app.

Where do I find them ? Qobuz first source (all 600x600 and a huge catalog). Amazon, or sometimes the label site ( as an example). For some rare album (I have more than 4000), I scanned the cover.

The problem with 1000x1000 is that Lumin app starts complaning that it has no more room (the album cover are cached in the app). Again, 4000 album makes a lot of covers...

BTW all this makes a very interesting app. All my friends find great to have on the app pictures of Mozart, Beethoven, Ligeti, Tord Gustavsen, Jan Garbarek, Ella Fitzgerald, etc..

Hope it helps.
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02-05-2017, 19:51
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RE: Album art recommendations
thanks for the info, some good tips there.

Yes I find some label sites like ECM have excellent album art for all of their releases.

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