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Windows 10 - Autostart MinimServer with Task Scheduler
02-08-2020, 16:03
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RE: Windows 10 - Autostart MinimServer with Task Scheduler
(02-08-2020 09:51)janamdo Wrote:  In what folder to place this command : set watch.view=log ?

This isn't a command, this is a command line parameter. It's only useful if you are making MinimServer run as a service or a scheduled task. Earlier in this thread there is a link to a previous post of mine which outlines the steps necessary to run MinimServer safely as a service under Windows. I have a professional background in Windows support, and my post assumes that the reader understands the windows security model and Windows services. Very few Windows users will have this detailed understanding - it's not necessary to run and use Windows.

It's a significant amount of work to implement this technique into a reliable easy to use system suitable for competent Windows users. Simon hasn't undertaken this work, and although I think it would be nice if there was an option in the installer to do this, I would think it was a very low priority, as very few people would need it. (You'd really need a custom windows launcher program with specific support for running as a service.)

If you wanted to host MinimServer on a Windows Server my technique would be the right way to run MinimServer. I'd expect a Windows Server administrator to be able to do this with my instructions and some background research.

As the thread says, the simplest way to make MinimServer start as soon as you log in is to copy the MinimServer shortcut to your startup folder. is Microsoft's explaination of how to do this.

If you want to run MinimServer in the long term, then some kind of server is appropriate. A supported NAS box if you aren't a technical wizard - whetever you like if you are.

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