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20-11-2017, 00:08
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RE: Booklets
(18-11-2017 20:43)simoncn Wrote:  The parentheses wouldn't cause any problems. Did you do a Rescan after making these changes?
Hi Simon,
Yes but it appears minimwatch rescan was frustrated by my dreadful antivirus program AVG which bought out Norman AV and is very intrusive, or firefox security which has just prompted me to allow some java script. I use minimwatch on windoze machine. Serves me right. Must sort out the linux installation.

Having rebooted windoze and allowed java scripts all is now OK so many many thanks once more for your help.

One small further comment, the screen on my phone is too small to be much use so I tried on my spouses Samsung tablet. Totally brilliant with the pdf files as hoped, but the Now Playing screen is not quite right. All the controls are congested and the volume buttons half obscured. This was the case even before I started on the booklet question. I can send you a picture if it helps.
Best wishes,
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20-11-2017, 09:16
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RE: Booklets
The screen layout used by BubbleDS is determined by BubbleDS, not MinimServer. I suggest you contact the author of BubbleDS about this.
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