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Which Qnap for Minim Server?
20-11-2012, 20:34
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RE: Which Qnap for Minim Server?
(20-11-2012 19:33)3dit0r Wrote:  BTW, is there a particular way I should tag the files (e.g. with dBpoweramp, or MediaMonkey) in order to get the most out of MinimServer, before I try the experiment?

I'll also try it with the standard Naim-created backup folders from my UnitiServe, but I know that creates files with proprietary Naim-authored XML indexes, instead of embedding the tags in the .wav headers, so I doubt I'll get too far that way - I intend to make a separate copy of the music folder, then run a third party tagging software on it.

MinimServer doesn't support tags in .wav files because tagging isn't part of the WAV specification. This might be one reason why Naim uses a separate index file for the tags.

You could convert the WAV files to FLAC and add tags to the FLAC files. When you play the FLAC files, you can use MinimServer's transcoding support to send WAV data to the NDX.
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