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Partially Installed MinimStreamer
30-07-2016, 08:54
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Partially Installed MinimStreamer
I have followed the directions for installing the stream converter:
1) Minim streamer Add on package installed (see packages tab screenshot)

2) After installation I ran the check described as follows: "You can check that MinimStreamer is running by looking at the System tab of the MinimServer properties dialog. If MinimStreamer is running, the properties stream.converter, stream.record and stream.transcode will appear in the System tab."

The second screenshot System Tab shows that the three fields are blank.

What seems to have happened is that the streamer is partially installed. From the directions I expected the three fields stream.converter, stream.record and stream.transcode to be configured to match my existing MinimServer (which is running fine, I can see it from other devices)

So either:
1) The installation does NOT configure the parameters automatically and you have to do them manually
2) It is SUPPOSED to configure them but has malfunctioned for some reason.

Just to give you a clue of what the finished system is supposed to look like, I am running on a Mac and I want to stream Apple Lossless files to WAV because the network streamer that I am using sounds better with WAV files for some unknown reason and I thought it would be smart to leave the files in Apple Lossless and convert them on the fly when I want to listen to them. (Is the system actually configured to do this normally or do I have to go to another website somewhere to get the necessary plug in. The documentation seems to indicate that I do but falls short of actually saying where to go to get the plug in)

I look forward to any helpful comments!


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30-07-2016, 22:04
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RE: Partially Installed MinimStreamer
If the fields appear (empty or non-empty), MinimStreamer has been installed correctly.

The stream.converter field is populated automatically if MinimStreamer finds a copy of ffmpeg. The will be the case on most NAS installations. On a Mac, you need to download an ffmpeg static binary (see this page) and manually set the stream.converter property to the absolute path location of this static binary. For example, if you have downloaded the ffmpeg binary to your Downloads folder, you need to set the stream.converter property to /Users/your-user-name/Downloads/ffmpeg.

After doing this, you need to set the stream.transcode property. For transcoding Apple Lossless to WAV, the setting is alac:wav. To make sure your control point is using this transcoding setting, it is a good idea to restart MinimServer by selecting Restart from the minim icon on the menu bar.
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