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"Album object", MinimServer & Kazoo (iOs)
07-03-2016, 16:02
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"Album object", MinimServer & Kazoo (iOs)
I am wondering if somebody can suggest how to display album covers in a grid with the Kazoo generated A-Z strip but have the albums sorted in Artist - Album sort order. (I know many do NOT want this, but I do)

I can sort Albums in Artist - Album order but then don't get the A - Z strip as the list is not in alphanumeric order. But do get Album covers displayed.

I set " Occasion" to contain Artist - Album and can have this as a top level item to chose in Kazoo, but when selected, it show a list of Occasion (Artist - Album) with Kazoo generated A - Z strip. Selecting any item goes down a level and shows the Album cover, but this is a one to one link.

If I use Tag Aliasing to set Album to Occasion (after setting Album:Screenwriter), then I get the Album view in Kazoo to show album covers with A-Z strip and its in Artist - Album order. Downside is that anywhere Album is shown it now contains Artist - Album which is often truncated to part of Artist or Artist and the start of Album if I'm lucky.

Any suggestions?

thanks, Peter
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