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A problem occured retrieving content...
10-03-2012, 18:53
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RE: A problem occured retrieving content...
(10-03-2012 18:03)simoncn Wrote:  
(10-03-2012 17:31)RSJ Wrote:  I am using a Linn Majik DSI with a RipNAS PC running Windows Home Server. The control point (Kinsky) is running on a Windows 7 64 laptop. I have loaded Minim on both the server and the laptop (as I believe is necessary).

Whn I try to view my music library, all I get is the following message (except when I view via the [folder view] which works fine):

"A problem occured retrieving content from the specified location"

I have loaded a .jpg of the properties.

Help, please!

Thank you.

Please can you start MinimServer on your RIPNAS with the --trace option and run Kinsky to the point of getting the "A problem occured retrieving content from the specified location" message. Then close MinimServer using the "Close" selection from the tray icon on your laptop, and post your minimserver.log file here.

To run with the --trace option, you need to edit your minimserver.config file on the RIPNAS. You'll find it in the folder C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Roaming\MinimServer\data. (Note: you can't browse to this folder in Explorer, so you'll need to type the path into the Explorer address bar.) Add this line to the end of the minimserver.config file:
.options = --trace

When you've closed MinimServer, you'll find the minimserver.log file in the same folder as minimserver.config.

Many thanks!

Thank you - I have added the file below (having changed it into a txt file, because uploading a log file was refused). The file appeasr to be in japanese...

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.txt  minimserver.txt (Size: 66.09 KB / Downloads: 5)
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