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[Tutorial] Installing MinimServer on FreeNAS or FreeBSD
12-02-2021, 15:14
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RE: [Tutorial] Installing MinimServer on FreeNAS or FreeBSD
(12-02-2021 14:22)seanshankus Wrote:  I just came across Minim and this forum/thread. I'm running FreeNas 12.2 and am wondering how much variance i will find with this tutorial. I know i can set the version of a Jail backwards, but I think i will need to build the OHNet libraries, is this true? I'm not to afraid to do library builds, but i am a bit rusty (although seeing a Make files makes long for an earlier life). Is the library the only pitfall i might run into? I would think setting up the Jail, installing the Minim2 server would be fairly straight forward. so I think this library may be my only issue.


Hello Sean,

I still use MinimServer update 134 (this is the older release) on my FreeNAS (current stable release) on a daily basis and it works fine. You don't have to compile the libraries yourself, as I did that already and I provide them in this thread. Just follow the instruction and you should be set to go.

Regarding the newer MinimServer version, I didn't have time yet to look into that and try that out properly.

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