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[Tutorial] Installing MinimServer on FreeNAS or FreeBSD
12-09-2020, 18:38
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RE: [Tutorial] Installing MinimServer on FreeNAS or FreeBSD
(12-09-2020 16:42)abooker Wrote:  Can anyone help? Is it that I am missing something obvious, or does the appropriate version of Ohnet need compiling for BSD?

I have not been aware yet that version 2 was already available for Unix. Thanks for bringing it to my attention - I will have a look at it.

Certainly I can and will compile the updated version ohnet for MinimServer 2. But as it seems, there is an underlying problem before I can do that. Simon pointed out that there is a certain command which has to succeed for the license implemention. As he already suspected, this fails on a FreeBSD-system:

root@build:/usr/local/share/ohNet-build4FreeBSD # cat /sys/class/net/*/address
cat: No match.

Simon, do you see a reasonable way to change this to another approach? Or add another method specifically for BSD-systems? What is the expected result here - a list of configured IP-adresses of the system? I then can try to find the corresponding command for BSD.
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