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[Tutorial] Installing MinimServer on FreeNAS or FreeBSD
30-01-2020, 23:01
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RE: [Tutorial] Installing MinimServer on FreeNAS or FreeBSD
(30-01-2020 17:53)imush Wrote:  I think I found the culprit. Looks like the fault is with the router IGMP/multicast handling (Eero). I have an eero wifi system. FreeNAS is on physical ethernet, of course, connected to eero via a dumb hub.

That's a great find, congratulations, and makes sense. I had a similar problem in the past which was also caused by a faulty IGMP implementation of a wireless Accesspoint. I fixed it but I'm not sure what the solution was. One possible solution could be to turn off the faulty implementation of multicast/IGMP on that devices alltogether. That normally leads to simple flooding of multicast-packets (instead of more sophisticated, scalable methods), but that should at least work. If that is not feasible (you write that there is no management interface whatsoever), perhaps you can move the player also on wired LAN? I'm not sure if that would improve the situation, given the fact that the control-points are still on WLAN. Perhaps you might also check if software-updates for your wireless router is available.
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