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[Tutorial] Installing MinimServer on FreeNAS or FreeBSD
07-02-2016, 22:01 (This post was last modified: 07-02-2016 23:24 by simoncn.)
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RE: [Tutorial] Installing MinimServer on FreeNAS or FreeBSD
(07-02-2016 21:02)airflow Wrote:  I don't know how to download a specific release of ohnet via git. I hope it's OK if I just download the most actual one. I did that and provide it here. I tested it in my installation and everything works fine.

It is very easy to download a specific release. On the Github page for ohNet, you need to click the link that says 1,996 releases (as of today; this number will vary). This takes you to a page where you can download a .tar.gz file for any specific release. Here is a direct link to this page.

It is very desirable to use the same ohNet release as the official MinimServer version because this has been tested by me and by a large number of other MinimServer users. If you use a different release, this might work but there are no guarantees and I cannot provide any help or support if there are problems.
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