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Cannot install Minimstreamer
19-01-2016, 10:20
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RE: Cannot install Minimstreamer
(19-01-2016 03:20)butterfly75 Wrote:  I have the same installation problem (I previously was successful in installing Minimstreamer on the NAS, and then it disappeared and I forgot the steps I took for installation).

Here is the answer I tried to understand:

"It sounds like you are attempting to do this installation by selecting Options > Properties (watch) from the minim icon. You need to do it by selecting Properties from the minim icon. This will show you a MinimStreamer package in the 'Available packages' list, which you can select and install."

When I right-click on the Minimwatch icon everything above the options choice is grey, and not functional--so I can't choose a property from that menu. When I click on options and then properties I do get a window where I can choose packages, but that does not work for Update 37 ("Unable to rename update file) or for Minimstreamer. What do I need to do for the Minimwatch menu to be functional?

Thanks for any help.

The Properties window that you are seeing controls updates to MinimWatch, not MinimServer. From this window, you should be able to install update 37 of MinimWatch, but it seems something has gone wrong with a previous attempt to do this. To fix this update problem, you need to exit MinimWatch and then delete all the files that are in the folder


The AppData folder is hidden by default in Windows Explorer, so you need to type the above path in full into the Explorer address bar.

After deleting these files, relaunch MinimWatch. It should install update 37 automatically. You can check this by looking at the Options > Properties (watch) window.

After this, the next step is to fix the problem that is preventing MinimWatch from finding MinimServer on your network. Please post back here when you have installed update 37 successfully and I will provide further assistance.
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