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Can't do timed recording
31-05-2015, 16:15
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Can't do timed recording
Hi Simon,

Just tried using minimstreamer for the first time.

I've managed to record a stream - terrific, and added a start and finish time, just to test it. Just a few minutes later than the current time. Sadly the recording doesn't happen.

I recorded using the stream id R2 (for radio 2), and added a timed recording for R3 in the format R3+1530-1545. It didn't work.

So having successfully recorded radio 2, I set it to R2+1550-1600.

Again no luck. Any idea what I'm doing wrong.


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31-05-2015, 18:17 (This post was last modified: 31-05-2015 18:19 by simoncn.)
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RE: Can't do timed recording
I presume you didn't intentionally start duplicate threads for this question. I have responded on the other thread and I am closing this thread to prevent confusion.
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