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BBC Stream stalls after 5 seconds.
06-05-2015, 22:20
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RE: BBC Stream stalls after 5 seconds.
(06-05-2015 21:56)simoncn Wrote:  
(06-05-2015 18:52)MarmiteSandwich Wrote:  Hi,
Trialling your server/streamer which looks like a good solution to the BBC problem. I have installed the BBC Radio .m3u file as specified on the website, and used the URL given in the MinimRadio page, modified to reflect my Windows server IP address. I am aiming at implementing this solution on a Roku Soundbridge, but to test the concept, I put the URL into VLC (on a different Windows PC) as a network stream. VLC started to play it immediately but stopped after 5 seconds. This can be reproduced indefinitely. The Roku didn't manage to play anything. Since VLC managed something, I must be on the right track. Will happily make a donation, but need to sort out this glitch first. Any suggestions?
Edit: Upon further investigation, pasting the URL into Chrome results in an indefinite play of the stream, QuickTime says it is an invalid URL, and Firefox loads the QuickTime plugin and plays for 5 seconds (like VLC). This length of time seems to be related to HLS structure, which works in 5 second fragments, as far as I can see. Not that any of this tells me why VLC or the Roku won't play a stream from this URL. I haven't changed anything from the example given, except my server's IP address.

What is the exact URL that you were using for your tests?*/R3

Server :: RaspberryPi3B+>Minimserver 2
Control : Android>BubbleUPnP / W10>Upplay / W10>Kazoo / iPhone>Kazoo
Renderer: BubbleUPnP Server>Cambridge Audio CXN V2
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