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Bryston BDP-1 & MinimServer
18-04-2015, 16:23
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RE: Bryston BDP-1 & MinimServer
(18-04-2015 09:18)DavidHB Wrote:  While this seems plausible, I can't think offhand of a player with a gigabit port, and buffering, of any kind, can really only cope with fluctuations in transmission speed; it cannot compensate when the network is just too slow. I lack the ability to work out how much of the capacity of a 100Mbps port is taken up by a 192/24 stream, but I don't recall any previous report that this is a problem.


You only need roughly 5 MBps sustained to keep up with 192/24, but in real life, network transmissions are bursty, depending on what else is happening on the network and with the sending server (my Mac Mini).

So, the system will require peak thought-puts that are higher. When I turned-off transcoding, 192/24 files played just fine (i.e. w/o dropouts) from MinimServer into the BDP-1 with its 100 Mbps port. Is that because the files are considerably smaller (i.e. FLAC vs. WAV) or was the transcoding process playing a role? Who knows... I could fire-up Wireshark and find out, but I'd rather move onto testing with attached USB HDD storage.

I do know that my last streamer (Denon DNP-720AE) had very aggressive buffering (8-10 seconds) and could handle anything, network-wise. That player had other problems and so now it's in the garage, in its box.

NAS functions work, but the startup and scanning time is too slow to work for me as a long-term solution.

DLNA rendering works well with the BDP-1, but the player has this annoying issue of resetting the sample rate on the DAC back to 44.1 when manually clicking through songs in a playlist, so higher-res tracks come with a little "pffft" at the start. Normal playback is fine and doesn't do this.
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