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Artist tag
18-03-2016, 22:26
Post: #21
RE: Artist tag
Hello Simon, I can confirm I have 0.8.3 update 77.

I have nothing in albumartist, just Jon Hassell\\Brian Eno in artist (this is how multiple artists appear in mp3tag).

These artists are appearing separately in All Artists but not in Artist. In Artist they appear as Jon Hassell & Brian Eno.

The tagformat property is empty, so therefore I do not have an indexFormat option.

However, I have noticed that the functionality is working for some albums, but not others! They are all set in the same way, with two artists and albumartist blank, but some work and some do not. All very odd.

I have also tried rescanning the library to no avail.
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18-03-2016, 22:39
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RE: Artist tag
I can think of a couple of possibilities.

1) There is a tag "Album Artist" as well as "AlbumArtist". You might have the former version set without realising it.

2) If the files with the problem are all MP3 files, they might contain an ID3v1 tag as well as an ID3v2 tag or they might contain more than one ID3v2 tag. In such cases, MinimServer might be reading an AlbumArtist tag for Jon Hassell & Brian Eno (etc.) from the ID3v1 tag or the second ID3v2 tag.

You could try setting AlbumArtist:nil in aliasTags. This will completely disable all AlbumArtist (and Album Artist) tag processing by MinimServer. If this fixes the problem, there are some rogue AlbumArtist (or Album Artist) tags somewhere.
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19-03-2016, 00:07
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RE: Artist tag
Simon, you've done it. It was an additional Album Artist tag that was doing it. I had no idea an alternative existed. I don't know how these got created but at least I now know how to resolve it. Just sent another donation for your time.
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